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Care for jerseys promptly. The sooner you pre-treat and launder the stained clothes, the better
your results will be. Don’t allow mud or stains to set.
Do not leave wet or dirty jerseys in football or gym bags, where smells and permanent stains can develop.

If a stain is not removed in washing:

1. Do not dry it. Dryer heat will set the stain.
2. Soak the stain in a pre-wash. In the case of severe staining it may be necessary to apply a stain

remover directly to the affected area. Then launder again.
3. Do not dry a garment until the stain is removed because dryer heat will set the stain.

Once stain is removed launder as per usual custom.


Pre-treat heavily soiled spots. Apply undiluted laundry detergent with a bleach alternative.

Pre-soak heavy stains. Soak stained items in a plastic bucket or laundry tub with the warmest water safe for the fabric and a good laundry detergent for one to three hours.
Sensitive stains should be rinsed in cold water, and then washed with a non-chlorine bleach product.

Pre-wash: Used for heavily soiled garments. Run through the pre-wash cycle with the recommended amount of detergent. When wash cycle is complete, drain the pre-wash solution and launder in the hottest water recommended by the manufacturer.

Please check the washing instructions on the garment.


ClimaTec material is a comfortable, warm, lightweight material, fast drying and easy to maintain. The advanced micro fibres transport the body fluids and keep you comfortable in many weather conditions.

ClimatePoly fibre has thermal qualities and is easy to wash. The unique knitting methods result in a very fine-grained struc- ture on the inside and an open structure on the outside. Moisture is transported optimally and quickly.

ComfortTec material is a very comfortable material. It keeps the body warm with its soft brushed inner.

MotionTec material is comfortable, lightweight and tight fitting because of the yarn used and the knitting technique. The fabric has a high stretchability because of the high level of elasticity in the product. It’s functional and durable, perfectly suited for indoor sports.

TTS is a highly functional and durable material. Extremely suitable for strenuous exercise. The material is easy to wash which simplifies maintenance.

Sportpolyester has a thermal effect and is easy to wash, which simplifies maintenance. It protects against cold wind and is a great combination of a functional and durable product.

WovenTec increases the wearing comfort and provides a soft feel. The material has a luxurious appearance. WovenTec pro- ducts are not only functional during sport activities but also perfectly suitable for presentations.

Coated articles with taped seams, including rain gear and all weather jackets, are finished with a special coating. Depending on the type of coating the articles are waterproof, windproof or water-repellent.

Marfil® is the brand name of a polypropylene fibre. Polypropylene is a thermal fibre with the lowest specific weight available. It is moisture resistant and moisture transportable. Polypropylene is 100% real colour, non-shrinking and recyclable. It gives perfect comfort to your feet and avoids skin irritation. Stanno specifically uses polypropylene for high quality sports socks.

TAKING CARE OF YOUR GARMENT & WASHING ADVICE Our garments are made using high quality materials under strict quality control conditions. It should be noted that most fabrics discolour due to staining by substances such as mud and grass which may not be entirely removed by washing. We recommend removing as much mud from the garment as possible before soaking/washing.

Follow detergent manufacturers’ instructions particularly with powders/liquids designed for heavy stains. Avoid products containing chlorine bleach that may damage fabrics, trims and decoratives.

Soaking garments in water and detergent as soon as possible can reduce discolouration. Use at least an equal amount of water by volume to that of the garments being soaked/washed. Make sure all parts are fully immersed. Pale garments such as White, Yellow, Sky and Tangerine may require more attention and the use of pre-wash soakers will assist in the removal of stains.

Do not over ll the washing machine with garments since if the ratio of water to garments is too small, dirt can easily be re-deposited. This can stain all the garments grey.

We do not recommend fabric conditioners on jerseys and shorts which may cause a build up of lm on bres. This can prevent the washing process from penetrating laments and dislodging dirt. However, socks will bene t from fabric conditioners and softeners.

Prostar will not accept liability for discolouration or damage to garments which is attributable to staining caused by elements foreign to the materials used in manufacture.



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